When I wrote my first story, I introduced it with a poem that I thought summed up the mood and the theme of the story.

I think that adds something to the larger work and I’m going to do it again, now.

My second story, the one I’m writing now, will be published via and will be submitted to my Facebook Page, starting August 20.

But now, I would like to begin by adding this poem, another by Tomas Transtromer.

It is called TRACKS

2 AM: moonlight. The train has stopped
out in the middle of the plain. Far away, points of light in a town,
flickering coldly at the horizon.

As when someone has fallen into a dream so deep
he’ll never remember having been there
when he comes to his room.

As when someone has fallen into an illness so deep
everything his days were becomes a few flickering points, a swarm,
cold and tiny on the horizon.

The train is standing quite still.
2 AM: bright moonlight, few stars.


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I am in hiding.
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  1. James LaForest says:

    I have nominated you for a Reader Appreciation Award! You can see the nomination on my blog (link below.) I generally don’t forward these sorts of things, but it is a nice way to build community and readership. If it’s not for you, no worries! Just delete this comment and know that your readers appreciate your work!


    • rosewater12 says:

      Jim, I never could figure out how to attach that READER APPRECIATION AWARD to my page, but I appreciate your support. My new short story is done and I’ll publish it tomorrow. Then, I’m off to Montana and Wyoming with the misses. My partner-in-writing, Roger Hagood, said he’d like me to continue editing his 4th book (we finished #3 last week), but I told him “no”. It’ll be all I can do to hold myself together on this long trip and I don’t want to spend evenings staring at words. Both my wife and I are concerned about my back, but it seems to be stabilized and I can climb stairs without using my hands, now. We may cut our Yellowstone stay by one day – so that I can see the BUFFALO BILL CODY MUSEUM and the WYOMING DINOSAUR MUSEUM. Both of these things are southeast of Yellowstone and en route to CUSTER STATE PARK in S.D.; which my wife has wanted to see for a long time. We’d have money for 2 more days on the road, but, tomorrow, I’m buying an HO train locomotive that is truly a work of art. It’s a working model of DAYLIGHT – the most beautiful train ever built – and it will go in my bookcase until I build a diarama for my set. The locomotive is by Broadway Limited and it is a collectors’ item. That’s all. Chuck

  2. rosewater12 says:

    Bless your kind heart, Mr. LaForest. It is gratifiying to know that I am not just exercising my fingers when I write these stories. Your positive reinforcement is helpful in keeping me going. Thank you.

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