She Loved Him
May19, 2013

She loved him like
She loved the old sofa.

She no longer saw him.

A familiar shape
In a worn out fabric
A faded shadow
In a tasteless design

He left the room
and she didn’t notice.

She wished she could afford
to buy a new one.

He stumbled around
without purpose or design.

Once the old man had seemed

And then they grew old.
Each one wishing for something


About rosewater12

I am in hiding.
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2 Responses to SHE LOVED HIM

  1. there is great sadness in these lines…once loved…now going through the motions…so sad…WHY does life have to be that way? What happens? We forget the good in the other? We always want more? We are never satisfied?
    “And then they grew old.
    Each one wishing for something
    begin again…be willing to change…
    A very heartfelt poem—you are a poet!

    • rosewater12 says:

      Thank you for your kind remarks regarding my writing. Life, at its best, seems ironic and it reflects the inevitable transition from spiritual experience to formal obligatory participation in ritual. Oh well. Life is a wonderful thing, though, and I appreciate the love you show in Your WordPress contributions.

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