I feel like that Viet Kong
that got lost in his tunnel
and he wandered
and he wandered and he walked
all hunched over because the tunnels
were never really tall enough
to stand up in
Except in the operating rooms.

So, this Viet Kong,
he walked for years,,
never knowing his country had won
the war
and that
it was now an affordable
vacationland for Americans
who, often as not
just wanted to find where
their husbands and fathers had died
and then they play golf.

But this Viet Kong,
he kept walking for years.
There were butter candles in the walls of the cave.
There was toilet paper sat out
in convenient locations
for him to use.
There were even nice, private places
to poop.

Anyway, this Viet Kong,
just like those Japanese soldiers
you heard about,
he just kept on walking for years
and years.
He was all alone in the dark.
There were caches of food set out for him in the gloom.
There were toiletries.
He could brush his teeth
and everything.
One day, I think it was today,
he saw light at the end of the tunnel
and he ran, stumbling, blind, up into the light.
He came up in Gaza.
“Well this sucks,” he said to himself.


About rosewater12

I am in hiding.
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  1. LaVagabonde says:

    Kinda makes one not want to go toward the light.

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