William S. Burroughs has nothing on me.

Ken Kesey has nothing on me.


Life in the Interzone

Doesn’t compare with Life in the Innerzone.

The Further bus, well,

Maybe it was better than what I’ve got.


But I’ve got what I’ve got.


I got up this morning,

Brewed some coffee

And turned on

The news.

Sector 5 was not broadcasting.


That was okay

With me.

Nothing but trouble

Comes out of Sector 5, anyway.

The wife got up and said something.

I said something back to her and we both tuned in.

Just like everybody else

In the Innerzone.


What a relief to be at home with the electronic impulses that have replaced human interaction! I can choose what I see and what I hear. Nobody tells me what to do. I can feel whatever I want to feel and see whatever I want to see. It’s my choice.

I can learn about what people think is happening. I can listen to music. I can watch movies. I can watch people do just about anything you can imagine. And I don’t have to leave my house.

In fact, I don’t ever like to leave my house, anymore. Does anyone?

At least I have the decency to limit my viewing to my Personal Computer. I am not like these Millenial dweebs who stare mindlessly into their telephones at all times and at all places, disrespecting everyone whose homes they invade, wasting the time of sales clerks, and stumbling into things because they are so self-involved and rude.

What is wrong with this younger generation, anyway?


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I am in hiding.
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  1. LaVagabonde says:

    Well, with the degradation of “human” “interaction”, maybe electronic impulses are preferable. Such is “evolution”.

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