The Rise and Fall of the Grand Mufti of Amerika


Most would say that the battle for Amerika began on Wednesday, February 3, 2016, when the Grand Mufti gave a sermon at the Al-Rahman School at the Islamic Society of Baltimore Mosque.

His appearance, in itself, was cause of great celebration, because at that time he was president of the United States of America.  Republicans went berserk.  Rush Limbaugh roared his disapproval.  The four GOP candidates for the up-coming presidential election all railed against his visit – this being on the heels of thousands of murders, robberies, and rapes by progressive Muslims.  Nevertheless, the Imam stood firm in his decision and gave a beautiful and tender speech that only we few in the mosque were privileged to hear.  His orders were clear:  there was to be no press coverage and no reporting of his holy words.  Any who broke ranks and leaked information would be killed.  No one dared.  No one wanted to.

The German media had been compliant to Angela Merkel’s order that no report of the thousand-or-so muggings and rapes in Germany be made public.  It was only because of social media that the Press, five days after the fact, confessed that many heroes in the cause of Allah had attacked the Infidels.

When German citizens had responded by marching and rioting, the police were quick to respond.  An article in TIME magazine appeared in the February 8, 2016 issue that explained there was a moral equivalency between the holy warriors’ coordinated attacks in Cologne and the uproar that followed.  That seemed to settle the hash of most people outside of the city of Cologne.

But that is another matter.  The important thing, the thing that really led to the takeover of Amerika, was the sermon by His Holiness in Baltimore (of all places).

I was a young man, then, nineteen years old, attending the University of Baltimore, a member of the Islamic-Christian Friends group, and a member of the Mosque on Johnnycake Road.

I helped load the unmarked wooden crates of weapons that the CIA hauled in under the dark of night for two weeks, following the great Mufti’s speech.

But, that was long ago.  My story begins in 2050.  By then, I was a shadow of myself, a crippled old man, a victim of beatings by Infidels, and a Imam, myself.  Let me begin……




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