Tiny Morrison rushed to the front of the house and peered over Louie’s broad shoulders.

Louie squeezed the blinds wide so that his partner had a better view.

Out in the street, a Chevy van had parked, blocking the driveway to the house. The two men could see a man duck out of the driver’s seat and disappear from their view.

A step-van pulled up behind it and its driver pulled the same gag. Then, there was a third vehicle.

Freddie Jacobs and Spongy Hahnemann lined up at the window on the other side of the front door.

Freddie opened the blind and the two of them watched, along with Tiny and Louie, as a pickup truck and a pair of step vans sped up in front of the house. These parked with squealing brakes and their drivers hopped out.

Now, six unexpected and unknown vehicles were stopped in front of the house, blocking the gangsters’ view of the occupants and of the other side of the street – except for a space of about eight feet between the first caravan and the second.

“This don’t look good, Tiny,” said Spongy.

“You two, head upstairs,” muttered Tiny Morrison.

Grabbing a pair of hunting rifles, Freddie and Spongy sped up the stairs.

Freddie Jacobs yelled over his shoulder, “You shoulda brought assault rifles.”

The two men each grabbed an upstairs window and peered down at the assembly out front.

Louie whispered to Tiny Morrison, “Jesus, Tiny. What the hell.”

Tiny Morrison handed his friend one of the Uzi pistols and smirked, “Maybe we should just shoot each other and save time.”

Louie put down his revolver and patted the Uzi lovingly. “We been through worse,” he said, giving the gun a kiss. He laid the fast-shooting pistol next to the Colt and told Louie, “Get me the rifle.”

Tiny went to the center of the room, grabbed the two remaining rifles and placed the Remington into Louie’s itchy left hand.

Out front, a dark red Humvee rumbled into the opening between the six parked vehicles.

“Here it comes!” yelled Tiny.

He squeezed Louie’s shoulder and scampered to the window that Freddie and Spongy had been watching from.

The giant car roared through the gap and towards the front door.

All four men inside the house used the barrels of their rifles to smash the windows in front of them and the shooting started.

Louie killed the driver of the Hummer and it crashed into the steps leading to the front door of the house.

A dozen men hopped out from behind the car and rushed to the front door and to the two front windows.

Louie grabbed his modified Uzi and sprayed the men in front of him with bullets.

Tiny Morrison did the same.

When the front door smashed open, Tiny and Louie had already run up the stairs.

They lay down on the floor and exchanged shots with the men downstairs.

Freddie Jacobs and Spongy Hahnemann kneeled behind them and fired off shots as fast as they could. The wall behind them began to be shredded with bullets. Then, Freddie took a shot in his forehead. He fell backwards and his blood sprayed across the wall and began pooling on the floor.

Spongy took one look at him and knew that he was dead.

The noise, in that enclosed space, was ear-splitting.


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