CHAPTER 2 (Illusions on a Double Dimple)

(I realize that some clarification is needed, here.  This particular CHAPTER 2 has nothing to do with extra-terrestrial monsters or gothic horror tales from a long-lost century.  This is the 2nd chapter of a different story, a story of Earthly monsters that live today.  Chapter 1 of this story, was “published” on February 7, 2016)

Okay, here we go…..


Here is a riddle for you.

Why am I, Jah-Keem Yisrael Mohamed Shabaaz, like a Tyranosaurus  Rex?

I sit in squalor.  There is no other name for it. It is my shame.  I cannot find the energy to dust my old furniture or to sweep the floors.  I no longer have the mental clarity that would enable me to pick up the clutter that surrounds me and to separate the trash from the treasures.  My only real treasures are my leather-bound copy of the Quran and my memories of my darling martyred wife, Zika Aafreen-Haiqa.

Her honey-brown skin, her burning eyes, her wide, sensual lips, and, most of all, her love for the Prophet, made her unique in all my world.  Until that day.  Until that day when I saw her speaking to another man.  Of course, he couldn’t see her, Beneath her modest dress.  He could see nothing but those eyes, those hypnotic eyes.

I knew, then, that she was lost to me.

It hurt me to beat her that evening.  She fled to her room in tears.  That should have been the end of it.  But it wasn’t.  This was all so many years ago.  If it wasn’t for the decision she made the next morning, all would have gone well and we would still be living in our joy, in our island of love.


Following the first Brussels’ bombing, on March 22, 2016, Sheikh Obama (pbuh) ordered that some of the bomb-making equipment be transferred from the Baltimore Mosque to three mosques, far apart from one another, religious centers in the middle of kafir tourist-traps.  One of these was the Muhammad Mosque in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  One was the Burbank Islamic Center in California.  One was the Jama Masjid in Orlando, Florida.

It was on November 10, 2016, following the election of Donald Trump as putative forty-fifth President of the United States, that Sheikh Obama (pbuh) ordered that wheels be put in motion.

My wife, my servant, my slave Zika Aafreen-Haiqa volunteered to be a martyr and to detonate her bombs at the turnstile gates of Dollywood, in the Smoky Mountains of Amerika.  She did it on Thanksgiving Day.  It was beautiful.

Others that I did not know performed their holy duty at Disney World and at Disneyland.

Martial law was declared.

Christianity was finally outlawed.

Here is the answer to the riddle.  Like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, I live in the past.


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