Seth Rich had worked for the DNC for about two years, when he started communicating with WikiLeaks.  He was able to provide WikiLeaks with John Podesta’s emails.  These exposed the DNC and Hillary Clinton as corrupt.  WikiLeaks shared many of these emails with the American public before the Presidential Election.

Mr. Rich was shot and killed about a block from his home at 4:20 AM on July 10, 2016.  Evidence showed that there had been a struggle.  Despite that, he died from two bullets to the back.

The DC police have concluded that this was a robbery gone wrong; but, if this was, indeed, a robbery, why didn’t the thief take Mr. Rich’es watch or his money?

Rod Wheeler, a Private Investigator, a former DC Police Homicide Detective, believes that it was the connection between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks that led to his murder.  Furthermore, Wheeler believes there is a cover-up in the DC Police Department – and he has been told to back down from his investigation.

This all seems very peculiar, even conspiratorial.

Think about it.  Why would a supposed robber beat a man up, shoot him twice in the back, and then not bother to rob him?

Isn’t it equally possible that something called the Deep State had him assassinated?

Lots of people seem to think so.

I wonder if the FBI Director that Donald J. Trump selects will be able to convince the DC Police to share the contents of Seth Rich’es computer?  That might shed some light on it.  Of course, like Hillary Clinton’s computer, all information on the Rich computer might already have been wiped clean, “like with a cloth or something”.

Time will tell, eh?


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